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Something New: A Fair Trade and Local Bridal Showcase

Global fashion. Local vendors. Let us help you plan the perfect wedding, starting with an exquisitely ethical, handmade dress by Celia Grace, the country’s only fair trade wedding dress line. Celia Grace is committed to uncompromising style, environmental responsibility and...
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How I Found My Perfect, Sustainable Wedding Dress Without Losing My Mind (and you can too!)

Our guest post today is authored by Leslie Hudson. Leslie is an event planner by day, food writer by night, and nature-lover every minute between. My first and only experience at a big box wedding store did not go well. After the pushy sales associate tried to force me to buy a dress that could have fit two of me, I vowed to find an alternative. That’s why I was elated to discover the Breast Cancer Coalition of Delaware’s Bridal Sale last March. During this one weekend sale, (Find out more about Leslie's experience and how you can find the perfect (sustainable) dress too!)
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Where Can I (Wednesday) : Recycle or Donate Used Bridesmaid Dressed?

"You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!" Hopefully if you were a bridesmaid, your experience was better than that one. Although Beth's walked down the aisle, I've only been the warm-up to the main event... Approximately 7 times. Which  means I've acquired quite a few unwearable, unflattering bridesmaid dresses. So what should you do with those old dresses? (Find out what you can do, after the jump!)
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Green Weddings: Ceremony Edition

It's wedding season. Planning your own (or your best friend, sibling or child's) wedding is undoubtedly exciting... and sometimes just a teeny bit overwhelming. There's a ton of decisions to make and for those who are eco-minded there's the question of how to pull it all off with sustainability in mind. Today let's talk about the ceremony. Ceremony traditions & rituals can depend on religion and heritage but typically they're a pretty important part of the day. It's when the "deal" is sealed after all. Read on for tips on greening the all-important ceremony...
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Green Your Wedding: Invitations and Paper Products

With my pending nuptials less than two months away (how did that happen?!) I've been thinking a lot about how to decrease waste at our wedding. Between the save-the-dates, invitations, programs, place cards etc. there's a lot of paper involved for just one day! Some in the green community suggest going completely electronic and sending e-vites in leui of wedding invitations. Why didn't I go this route?
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