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Articles Written by Leslie Hudson

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Inspired by her college internship with an ocean advocacy non-profit, Leslie started her career planning stream cleanups and writing about watershed issues. Leslie is an accomplished writer and social media expert. When she isn’t chasing a toddler, you can find her writing, planning events, cooking, reading, hiking, and helping brands tell their stories.

United By Blue Wants You on the Water: Volunteer Alert

3,771 is not the number of murals in Philly or the amount of visitors that Reading Terminal gets a day. It’s the number of plastic bottles that apparel brand United By Blue pulled from the Schuylkill River during our 2012 summer cleanups at Bartram’s Garden. If those same bottles were stacked end to end, they’d tower over the Comcast Center, or Philadelphia's tallest skyscraper. So who is United By Blue? A group of caped crusaders ridding our rivers of litter in the dead of night? Not quite. United By Blue is an organic apparel brand that removes a pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product sold. Translated? If you buy the softest, organic shirt you’ll ever feel, we roll up our sleeves. You buy an organic, waxed canvas bag for your next adventure; we’re out on the water. (Find out more about how you can help, after the jump!)
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How I Found My Perfect, Sustainable Wedding Dress Without Losing My Mind (and you can too!)

Our guest post today is authored by Leslie Hudson. Leslie is an event planner by day, food writer by night, and nature-lover every minute between. My first and only experience at a big box wedding store did not go well. After the pushy sales associate tried to force me to buy a dress that could have fit two of me, I vowed to find an alternative. That’s why I was elated to discover the Breast Cancer Coalition of Delaware’s Bridal Sale last March. During this one weekend sale, (Find out more about Leslie's experience and how you can find the perfect (sustainable) dress too!)
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