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Spooky & Green Halloween Events: October 27 – 31st

Welp. It's Monday again. Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! We explored the Schuylkill Boardwalk for a run, as you can see from this week's featured photo. Whether you scored a free Uber-X ride pre-sting opp or are still contemplating better names than SEPTA's new Key smart card payment system, it's time to start focusing on the important stuff. Like the week ahead, and how you're going to start locally celebrating Halloween all week. Philly Events: Week of October 27 - 31st:
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Announcing: Seeds of Discent Book Club Q&A with Nic Esposito

Want to get out of your apartment and discuss sustainability with local friends? We’re happy to announce our first “green” book club, partnering the Head and the Hand Press! In a city of people passionate about green living, we think it’s high time we begin bringing creative literature into the sustainability discussion. Let’s see what literature can teach us about natural living, and how entering into a character’s experiences can spark questions and ideas about urban farming, green living, and social change. Find out more about our Seeds of Discent Book Club, after the jump!
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Head & The Hand Press Debuts CSAs for Books: Guest Post

Guest Post by The Head & The Hand Press Founder Nic Esposito When I founded The Head & The Hand Press, it was almost counter-intuitive that I wanted it to be a for-profit venture. After spending many years in the non-profit sector, primarily in urban farming, I was under the impression that I could not satisfy my ideals and fund an operation through “business”, which I had been conditioned to reject and revile. But as I began developing the concept of The Head & The Hand, I was posed with the most important question I have ever been asked. Find out more from Nic, after the jump.
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