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Get Your Food Story Published by Head & The Hand Press!

Get Your Food Story Published by Head & The Hand Press!

Is your dream to be published?

Good news for you! Local publishing rockstars company Head & the Hand Press are accepting submissions of art, photography, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for their upcoming Corn Belt Almanac.

Just hurry – submissions close on January 31, 2015 and limit word count to 8000.

Here’s a description of what they’re looking for and where to submit, courtesy of Head & the Hand Press:

Corn Belt Almanac Submissions

In the face of mass-produced food and an overwhelming reliance on machinery and technology, modern agriculture is shifting dramatically from the hay bales and seedlings of the past. The Corn Belt Almanac is a collection of stories, essays, triumphs, and reflections about our largest cultural ingredient: food. This collection hopes to explore how we eat, how we grow, and how we sustain our families and communities. This 3rd installment of The Head & The Hand’s almanac series is also the one most akin to the genre’s original intent — harvesting the year’s best and most thoughtful agricultural moments and bounding them up for our courteous readers’ consumption.
While generally considered a particular region of the country, our Corn Belt is nationwide. We want to hear from writers across the country, side to side and top to bottom, about the changes, trends, surprises, frustrations, and dreams that comprise their palettes. Food is essential, which means that when it comes to this collection, nothing is insignificant. We want to hear your solutions to feeding your towns, cities, and customers in a rapidly changing economy and climate. We want to hear about where you’ve been and what you ate. We want to hear about the modern farmer and what he or she looks like. We want to know what you grew up on and what you grow yourself.
We’re asking the big questions: Where is the future of farming headed? And perhaps more importantly, what’s for dinner?
The Corn Belt Almanac does not discriminate: We are accepting poetry, fiction, narrative non-fiction, art, and opinion essays. If you’d like to submit, please do so by January 31st, 2015. Please limit the length of prose submissions to 8,000 words and poetry collections to between one and five poems.
Submit here.

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