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Vendys Finalist Chewy’s Food Truck Keeps It Green

As the owner of Chewy’s, one of our top seven green food trucks, Charlie Sokowski's love for food fuels his ambitions. This past weekend, Chewy’s competed with other finalists at the 2013 Vendy Awards in Penn Treaty Park for a chance to be crowned the best food truck in Philly. Sokowski and his staff handed out samples of delicious Carolina pulled-pork sandwiches and maple syrup-covered fried chicken to lucky patrons. Find out more about Chewy's sustainable efforts after the jump!
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5 Benefits of Composting for your Urban Garden

Composting.  We all hear about how great it is and that we should do it. But what is compost exactly and what are the benefits that make it worthwhile? Composting 101 Composting is organic matter that has been decomposed and can be used as fertilizer. Many gardeners are beginning to use it, but why? Here are five benefits of composting:
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5 of My Not-So-Green Dirty Secrets

Let’s face it: People in my life generally know about my sustainability addiction within a few days. It’s hard not to mention a project I’m working on, blogging about or the latest ‘eco’ event. I even laid out the extent of 5 of my dirty green habits for the world to see. Although people proudly inform me of their green habits and reusable bag usage, they also use me as their not-so-green confidant. I've heard “I used a plastic water bottle. Will you still be my friend?” more than a few times... It’s impossible to be completely green and you often have to pick the greenest solutions for you. For example, you may live in the suburbs where there isn't a train station in sight and choose a hybrid as a compromise. There's more un-green secrets we all keep locked up. Here's 5 of my guilty-green conscious secrets straight from the closet:
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