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Articles Written by Alex Friend

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SeaWorld in Jeopardy After Blackfish Popularity

Finally finish Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black and searching for a new feature on Netflix? Don't look further. The sensational CNN documentary Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite follows Tilikum, a SeaWorld orca whale that has killed three trainers. After watching Blackfish, I'm boycotting SeaWorld for good. Find out more about the controversy of Blackfish, after the jump.
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Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Journey in Photos

Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about waste reduction and carbon offsets. Admiring our planet’s aesthetic beauty and complexity plays an important role as well – it gives us a reason to keep it intact. Today, ecotourism in Costa Rica is thriving. Ecotourism continues to be Costa Rica’s largest foreign exchange earner, surpassing other exports such as pineapples, bananas, and coffee. Tourists from around the world travel to Costa Rica to visit the country's many national parks and beaches. It's no wonder – Costa Rica has the largest percentage of protected land in the world. Find out more about Alex's trip (And see the GORGEOUS pics) - after the jump!
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Sustainable Travels

Bonnaroo Sets the Standard for Green Music Festivals

A few weeks ago, I went to Bonnaroo for the first time. Between the music, people, and positive energy, there was a lot to love. But one of the things I loved most about Bonnaroo wasn’t any of that – it was the efforts they made to lessen their environmental impact. Bonnaroo sets the standard for green music festivals across the world. This year, they won the Pursuit of Excellence Award from the governor of Tennessee, which recognizes previous Environmental Stewardship award winners who continue to demonstrate environmentally friendly practices. There are many ways Bonnaroo maintains its environmentally friendly reputation. Here’s what they do:
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Vendys Finalist Chewy’s Food Truck Keeps It Green

As the owner of Chewy’s, one of our top seven green food trucks, Charlie Sokowski's love for food fuels his ambitions. This past weekend, Chewy’s competed with other finalists at the 2013 Vendy Awards in Penn Treaty Park for a chance to be crowned the best food truck in Philly. Sokowski and his staff handed out samples of delicious Carolina pulled-pork sandwiches and maple syrup-covered fried chicken to lucky patrons. Find out more about Chewy's sustainable efforts after the jump!
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6 Tips for Philly Bike Commuting

Bike to Work Day was last week, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start biking now! Bike commuting not only leads to a healthier lifestyle – it reduces carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.  Plus, as the number one bike commuting city, employers and employees alike should encourage more folk to bike Philly. Here are 6 tips for Philly bike commuting in the fourth-best bicycling city in the country:
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