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5 of My Not-So-Green Dirty Secrets

5 of My Not-So-Green Dirty Secrets

not so green - Oil & Drill museum, TexasLet’s face it: People in my life generally know about my sustainability addiction within a few days. It’s hard not to mention a project I’m working on, blogging about or the latest ‘eco’ event. I even laid out the extent of 5 of my dirty green habits for the world to see.

Although people proudly inform me of their green habits and reusable bag usage, they also use me as their not-so-green confidant. I’ve heard “I used a plastic water bottle. Will you still be my friend?” more than a few times…

It’s impossible to be completely green and you often have to pick the greenest solutions for you. For example, you may live in the suburbs where there isn’t a train station in sight and choose a hybrid as a compromise.

There’s more un-green secrets we all keep locked up. Here’s 5 of my guilty-green conscious secrets straight from the closet:

  1. I own and drive a car. Unfortunately my current and previous jobs have been in suburbs, and my current job is NOT by a train station. I’d have to take 3 buses and spend 2 hours for a 30 minute drive. Believe me, I despise traffic, gas prices, and road rage. However, I carpool when possible and rarely drive once my car is parked by my house. Instead, I prefer to walk, take SEPTA or bike instead. It’s almost like I have a company car, but instead it’s my (paid-off) personal car.
  2. I tend to alternate between organic, natural shampoo and Suave. While my diet consists primarily of CSA (and back-porch) vegetables and organic fruits, I have a budget. I’ll try to stock up if there’s a sale on natural versions (or the product is on clearance), but I’ll gladly swap the $9 , 8 oz “Yes to Carrots” shampoo for the $1.79, 24 oz bottle of Suave on occasion. You have to cut expenses somewhere, right?
  3. I treasure the occasional Gatorade or Doritos. While I typically shop at Whole Foods for my groceries, there are some products lacking from the shelves: because they’re terrible for you and totally artificial. While I love Coconut water and drink it often, I occasionally indulge in a sugary Gatorade to re-hydrate. Or although I love the 365 brand of White Cheddar pop corn, Doritos have a special place in my mouth (and hips).
  4. I purchased a plastic, electric, box of death for rodents. After having a mouse problem in my last apartment and seeing tiny occupants scurry in my kitchen, I tried purchasing some ‘humane’ traps. The mice weren’t having any of it, so I finally went on Amazon and bought a “Rat Zapper”. Although I felt horrible about the process, my health and personal (kitchen) space won the battle. Luckily, I now have a furry, pouncing hunter and removed the zapper (and any other hazards).

And my biggest non-green secret is…

  1. I haven’t settled on a composting solution yet. While I absolutely love the concept, I’ve been debating between paying a third-party to pick it up or figure out a place to keep a compost bin. Up until this point, my previous roommates have been wary and the idea of waking up to a worm-consumed kitchen terrifies me. Any suggestions?

Readers, I’ve spilled my ‘tisk-tisk’ unsustainable habits with you. Now it’s your turn to own up: what not-so-green habit are you hiding?

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Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake. View all posts by Julie Hancher
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