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Green Weddings: Installment 1

Welcome to Part I in a series we’re featuring on greening the “Big Day” – as they call it.

As a recently engaged woman this subject is becoming high on my radar.  My experience thus far isn’t unique.  I want the day to be exceptional, fun, beautiful and authentic to my fiance and I.  But… I’d like to do what I can to keep the waste that can come along with a wedding at a minimum!

One of the steps that comes fairly early in the process is the traditional save the dates.  You book your venue, hem and haw over your guest list, point out that you have no clue who 10% of the people on your significant other’s lists are and voila it’s time to get crackin’.

So, how can you make this part of the process greener?

One option is to forego tradition and go for electronic save the dates. If your Mother (ahem) won’t go for this here’s a few other ideas:

– Choose a vendor who will print on recycled paper. A few to check out : Forever Fiances, Twisted Limb Paperworks, and Of the Earth.

– Cut to the Chase: Your save the dates don’t need to be wordy. You can inform guests about details like hotel options, directions, dress, your wedding party etc. via your wedding website. (Per “wedding etiquette” it’s OK to put your website address on the save the date, but not a formal invitation.)

– Try and use a local vendor. You’ll decrease your carbon footprint by sticking close to home.

Stay tuned for more!

Posted by Beth

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