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8 Sustainability Podcasts to Download Right Now

8 Sustainability Podcasts to Download Right Now

While we’re waiting for the new season of Green Philly’s City Rising Podcast to debut, here’a few other podcasts that collectively encompass all aspects of sustainable living.

Whether you’re a student of the industry or simply want to make your commute more interesting, click ‘download’ today on one of the following pods.

8 Sustainability Podcasts to Download

1. The Sustainability Agenda

Latest Episode Topic: Interview with Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth Systems Science, author of The Human Planet

Hosted by experienced writer and researcher Fergal Byrne, “The Sustainability Agenda” discusses the biggest sustainability questions, challenges, and potential solutions. This thought-provoking take on industry issues will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

2. Sustainability Defined

Latest Episode Topic: University Sustainability with Penn State University 

Downloaded in over 100 countries, this immense podcast is regularly recognized as one of GreenBiz’s top sustainability podcasts. Hosts Jay Siegel and Scott Breen keep discussions fresh and exciting, discussing every topic in their organizational tree with experienced professional.

3. Sustainababble

Latest Episode Topic: Cycling

This podcast brings an upbeat, laid-back attitude to environmental issues as hosts Ollie and Dave make saving the planet, entertaining and relatable. One dedicated listener describes the show as, “Funny and informative, the hosts feed off of one another and do a great job of showing you the bigger picture”.

4. The Minimalists

Latest Episode Topic: Birthday Gifts

Living life with less is the theme of this #1 Apple health podcast, as hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus give strategies for a minimalist life. As this Business Insider review shares, “Two former corporate professionals who willingly walked away from handsome salaries and material-laden lifestyles at the end of their 20s to live ‘a meaningful life’ with less stuff”.

5. Direct Current

Latest Episode Topic: Dune: The Neutrinos Must Flow

Produced by the Department of Energy, “Direct Current” covers in-depth renewable energy topics.  This excellent production value might not be what you expect from a government podcast, but it’s definitely worth a listen for insightful and engaging content.

6. Think Sustainability

Latest Episode Topic: Selling New Cities

As the title suggests, this podcast’s aim is to grab your attention and focus it on sustainability on a global scale, giving tips to make small changes geared towards creating a sustainable future. This show covers quirky topics ending with an inspiring takeaway.

7. The Adaptors

Latest Episode Topic: Assisting Evolution

Former “Science Friday” host Flora Lichtman brings her experience and innovative ideas to this sincerely amusing show, focusing on the importance of the science behind well-informed ideas. The positivity, enthusiasm, and intelligence will resonate deeply with listeners.

8. Infinite Earth Radio

Latest Episode Topic: Opportunity Zone Tax Credits

Produced by The Local Government Commission, this current and topical podcast brings on civic leaders to discuss the future of our planet. “Infinite Earth Radio” helps you stay updated with themes like urban resilience, climate adaptation and diversity.

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