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Listen to our Green Burials Panel on the City Rising Podcast

Listen to our Green Burials Panel on the City Rising Podcast

We made a return to the air with our live panel discussion to highlight on sustainable burials.

Death and grief are tough topics, but thinking of forever resting in a beautiful meadow brings a bit of comfort.

On our latest episode of the City Rising Podcast, we revisited our Green Burials event at Laurel Hill, where we connected with new and familiar faces over delicious organic wine from Bonterra. Our panel of experts discussed the intricacies and benefits of green burials, and we had the opportunity to tour Bala Green, Laurel Hill’s newest green burial site. Here are a few key takeaways from the episode:

  • A Connection with Nature: Green burials foster a powerful connection between people, nature, and community. It’s a way to return to the earth in a gentle, eco-friendly manner.
  • Cremation Myths: Contrary to popular belief, cremation isn’t as eco-friendly as it seems. The process releases a significant amount of carbon dioxide, impacting our environment.
  • Habitat Restoration: Green burials protect and restore wildlife habitats, creating spaces where flora and fauna can thrive.
  • Carbon Footprint: Traditional burial practices produce about 250 pounds of carbon, while a green burial can sequester 25 pounds of carbon, helping the environment even after life.

Listen to the City Rising Podcast

Tune into the City Rising episode to hear more about the discussions, insights, and reflections from our panel of experts, including Emily Maroni from Friends of Green Burial PA, Gregg Tepper, Laurel Hill’s senior horticulturist, and Tom Cavanaugh from Laurel Hill. They share their knowledge and experiences on how green burials contribute to sustainability and the well-being of our ecosystems.

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