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About Us

Fall Interns Wanted

Are you interested in sustainability and making an impact locally? Enjoy supporting local businesses and organizations? This internship combines real-life journalism and marketing skills for an audience that cares about making a difference. The editorial interns at Green Philly are instrumental at increasing the content on our website, including research, interviews, attending events and networking within the industry. At the end of the semester, you’ll have an online, real-world portfolio full of content that future employers can see. Plus, you’ll learn how to optimize SEO, social media and more. We have 3 open positions within journalism, marketing and/or web development.
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About Us

Debuting Our New Logo!

Oh hey there, new logo. Although we liked the hot mess of our previous logo, it was time for a makeover as we hinted in our blogiversary. We thought long and hard about what captured the essence of Green Philly. Get the full story, after the jump!
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