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Articles Written by Jessica Rutkowski

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is a senior at Saint Joseph’s University, majoring in Communications & Digital Media. She has a passion for traveling, fitness, and food sustainability (and food in general)! She spent a semester abroad in Florence, experiencing how sustainability-conscious Europe is, which inspired her to do her part, too. Her dream career includes the continuation of traveling internationally.

Skeptical about the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk? Don’t Be.

Whether you’ve heard about how awesome or wasteful the new Riverbank Schuylkill Boardwalk is, have you taken the trudge down to the River? If you’re an avid jogger or walker, you were most likely one of the first to cross the entire path.  But many Philadelphians have been wondering what it would do for the city.  Is it worth the $18 million and 3 years spent on its planning and construction?  Some have even gone as far as to call it Philly’s “newest playground for the rich,” which may be a dramatic embellishment...but it’s a fair opinion. What was Jessica's conclusion about the Schuylkill Boardwalk? Find out after the jump!
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Weekly Round-Up: Events for November 3-6th

Happy Monday! Hope you celebrated the the last of October with a bang. Good news: November is here, it’s a new season and there’s plenty to do in Philadelphia! Whether you’re looking to unwind with yoga, wander through endless chrysanthemums or spend time with the kids, there’s the perfect event for you this week:
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6 Local Ways to Green Your Halloween

Ready to celebrate the holidays focused on sugar shock? Halloween is only a week away, but you can maximize your celebrations at any age. With all of those traditionally-individually wrapped candies (estimated at over 598 million pounds at halloween alone!) generating wrappers, there’s room to make this holiday a little more sustainable. Let’s discuss how you can join festivities in a sustainable way!
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