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Plastic-free Philly is kicking bottles to the curb – and adding art to the city

Plastic-free Philly is kicking bottles to the curb – and adding art to the city

The Academy of Natural Sciences, Water Department and BOMA are teaming up for the new initiative

There’s a new initiative to kick plastic use.

The Academy of Natural Sciences is kicking off Plastic-free Philly, a volunteer effort to reduce single-use plastic bottles in exchange for tap water & reusable bottles.

The Academy in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department and BOMA Philadelphia kicked off the initiative on Tuesday. To coincide with the kickoff, the Academy commissioned artwork to examine how people’s habits positively and negatively impact the Delaware River Watershed. 10 original pieces (by mostly Philadelphia-area artists) were commissioned by the Academy and placed around prominent Center City and University City buildings.  

“Each and every one of us can make a difference in helping keep our rivers clean, our wildlife safe and our communities healthy,” said Academy President and CEO Scott Cooper.  

How to participate in Plastic-Free Philly

You can participate in the Plastic-Free Philly by signing the Plastic-Free pledge.

Additionally, see the temporary artwork at the following places:

  • “Forest” by Kate Dodd of Orange, N.J., at 1500 Market Street   
  • “Choking Hazard” by Kate Leibrand of the Philadelphia area, at 1515 Market Street 
  • “That Sinking Feeling” by Aymar Ccopacatty of West Kingston, R.I., at 1900 Market Street  
  • “Fountain of Life” by Emilio Maldonado of Philadelphia, at One Commerce Square, 2005 Market Street  
  • “Schuylkill Plastiglomerate” by Hannah Aya Alpert of Philadelphia, at The Bulletin Building, 3025 Market Street  
  • “156 Handmade Clay Bottles” by Benjamin Peterson of Philadelphia, at Three Logan, 1717 Arch Street  
  • “Plastic Waterfall” by Sarah Peoples of Philadelphia, at Cira Centre, 2929 Arch Street  
  • “Waterline” by Silas McDonough of Philadelphia, at The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Through Jan. 8  
  • “Plastic Tides” by Christopher Hargrove of Philadelphia, at FMC Tower, 2929 Walnut Street  
  • “Schuylkill River Trash Quilt” by Ceilia Jailer, Elais Kleinsmith and Pierie Korostoff, all of Philadelphia, at MacAlister Hall, Drexel University, 3250 Chestnut Street. Through Sept. 30 

Photo: “That Sinking Feeling” by Aymar Ccopacatty at 1900 Market Street
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS

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