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Medicinal Herb Plant Sale

Bluestem Botanicals is a certified organic herb farm in Doylestown PA. We are holding our annual medicinal plant sale on Saturday May 27 from 10a-4p. In addition to our plants we will also have our herbal wellness products and our...
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Botanical Design Workshop

Join herbalist and floral designer Elise Hanks of Terra Luna for an interactive floral design workshop. Learn to create your own centerpiece design using unexpected natural materials straight from the garden. Explore the beauty of weeds, grasses, and medicinal herbs...
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Herbal tea blending workshop

Learn the basics of growing and harvesting herbs for tea. Walk through the garden to observe medicinal herbs, how to harvest them, and their medicinal properties. Create your own personal herbal tea blend to take home. Ticket price includes take...
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Tea Making Workshop

Join us for a tea-making workshop at Awbury’s Cope House with community herbalist and gardener Alyssa Schimmel. We’ll explore the best preparation methods for infusing or decocting local healing herbs from our landscape whether fruit, flower, leaf, seed, bark, or root....
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My CSA Week: What I Ate in Early July

Part of the excitement, anxiety and fear each week of a CSA is figuring out how to use all the veggies AND waste the least amount of food. Let's face it - I pay for the CSA veggies up front and Bennett Compost to take my scraps. I want to make the most of the fresh, local, organic and DELICIOUS produce that's delivered two blocks from my house on a weekly basis. I'm in my third season of Red Earth Farm's Summer CSA share with my BFF. We've scared off a few of our friends on veggie season explosions, but enjoy the process. And I think we enjoy humblebrag-complaining about how many veggies we have, too! So how did the week break down?
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EcoQube Kickstarter Campaign: Feed Fish, Get Plants

Although Americans are notoriously lazy, maintaining plants in the house can get difficult. That's why there's a kickstarter created by two UC San Diego Students that is BRILLIANT for those even with a black thumb. EcoQube Aquarium Self Cleaning System EcoQube is a desktop ecosystem that uses plants like Basil, mint and flowers to filter waters for fish. Find out about the EcoQube, after the jump!
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4 Ways to Preserve your Herbs: Friday Quickie

Growing your own herbs & plants means you get SO many fresh veggies. You almost forget about about those dreaded winter nights where you can't find anything growing besides mold in your leftover takeout. So rather than let your plants over-blossom, why not preserve your herbs now? Here are 4 ways to Preserve Your Herbs for Colder Times:
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