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Getaround: How to have the Perfect Weekend Trip (AND a way to make cash…)
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Getaround: How to have the Perfect Weekend Trip (AND a way to make cash…)

Going car-free four years ago was one of my most impactful and positive decisions. Even while going full-time with my business and traveling, I’ve perfected alternative ways to get around town – commuting by bike, making quick trips on SEPTA and enjoying Amtrak to visit friends in New York or DC.

However, there are some locations – especially for someone who loves hiking – that are difficult to get to by public transit alone. Renting a car can be time consuming and ridesharing service weekend rates have gotten pretty high, so I’ve been looking for alternatives.

Getaround: Renting your neighbor’s car

Getaround is a car rental service with a brilliant model to fill in the gaps. Similar to Airbnb, you can use your otherwise-idle neighbor’s car. Whether you need to run to Target or a longer road trip, you can go on the app, find a car and book it to get on the road.

For those who love a smaller carbon footprint, easier parking and less traffic, it makes sense: for every Getaround car on the road, 9-13 cars are removed. Want a range of wheels? You can rent anything from a budget-friendly car, sustainable Prius or sexy Tesla for as little as $5 an hour.

The process to sign up for Getaround is pretty easy. Fill out an online form, scan your driver’s license and wait to be approved. For me, it was a quick turnaround and I was able to book a car.

Another headache of going car-free is worrying about insurance. Although I tried to get a non-car-owner policy, most companies don’t offer this service. Getaround takes care of that, too. With a $1 million insurance policy including 24/7 roadside assistance, you don’t have to worry if your credit card covers this car rental or negotiating upsells with an agent.

Make Cash with Your Parked Car: How to List on Getaround

Getaround app to search for car rental listings

Considering a side hustle but driving people around and the gig economy not your thing? If you find your car sitting on a Philly Street or Parking garage, Getaround’s an easy way to make cash as you go about your daily life.   

You can decide when to share your car and when you need it, so you’re not stuck for a ride. Since the $1 million primary insurance is included and drivers are prescreened, you’ll have a piece of mind as you work that passive side hustle.

List your car AND you can (maybe**) drive a Tesla

Follow the link below to find out how to earn thousands of dollars by listing your car on the app. Plus, by completing the form you’ll be entered in our contest** to win a Tesla for a day! We’re giving away a chance to drive the coolest eco-friendly car so you can “getaround” town.

Enter your car info and enter to win here:

**We’ll announce the winner on January 11th, 2019.

The Easy Way to Rent a Car with Getaround

Forgot those days of leaving your keycard at home or losing it during your journey.  You can unlock a Getaround car from the app, which means you can get on the road as soon as your get approved and find your perfect match. 

book a philadelphia car rental on getaround iPhone app

I’ve been using Getaround for a couple of months and am officially a convert. Although you may think road trips are reserved for the warmer top-down weather, I used Getaround for a recent mid-winter escape. 

I wanted to find a small city destination that was a short driving distance, had good restaurants and culture to explore. My good friend and I decided to head to Richmond, VA for a quick weekend trip. Packed with a Bluetooth, USB port, power seats, cruise control and more, I also loved that Amanda’s Toyota Corolla was close to my house.

getaround car rental in south philadelphia

Once I booked the Corolla, I ran to the car (c’mon… I like squeezing in a quick jog in between errands), checked it over for any flaws to report on the app and unlocked it from my phone.

getaround unlock car with the app

Finding the keys was easy – Getaround has a pouch over the visor with a key and parking pass (if the car is located in a parking lot). 

getaround find key in dashboard

After I started the car, I swung by my house to pickup my luggage and got on the road!

Amanda’s Corolla was easy and comfortable to drive. I caught up on podcasts on my way to Alexandria to pick up my friend. I had to refill the gas gauge about halfway on Virginia, so I stopped at Wawa.

wawa rest stop in getaround car rental

The weather was rainy for our road trip, but that didn’t stop us from exploring what Richmond had to offer. I loved the revival of this old city, with many repurposed factories into apartments, breweries and restaurants.

Using Getaround in Richmond Virginia car rental view

As luck would have it, the Institute for Contemporary Art hosted an Exhibition called Hedges, Edges, Dirt that focused on how we relate to our surroundings and to each other, with a large sustainability undertone.

I fell in love with Rashid Johnson’s “Monument,” a 20-foot high towercomplete with potted plants, sculptures, books and videos complete with rotating live performances. When we visited, there was a DJ set and dancer bringing the exhibit to life.

Richmond art exhibit with plants

After a weekend with art, vegan restaurants and a quick stop to Perly’s Restaurant, it was time to drive home.

We didn’t let the rain damper our fantastic weekend. Although I always fear street parking, returning the car was a breeze. I instantly found a spot right around the block from where I picked up Amanda’s car, did a quick check and said goodbye to the Corolla. 

Ending the trip like we started: not allowing the weekend drizzle to dampen our weekend fun!  

Want to try Getaround?

Unlike other services, there’s no monthly fee for Getaround, so the trial is risk-free. Get $25 credit towards your first rental:  

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