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Where Can I Recycle Takeout Containers? WCI Weds

Where Can I Recycle Takeout Containers? WCI Weds

where can i recycle takeout containers?Oh no! Did you forget to bring a reusable container to your favorite restaurant and need to get your food to-go?

Don’t worry, we have the answers for you in this week’s Where Can I Wednesday?

Where to recycle takeout containers:


Is your takeout container plastic?

Good news for you – plastic cups, plates & to-go containers can all go into your single-stream recycling bin.

Is your takeout container styrofoam?

However, food-stained boxes, stryofoam (ugh) and pizza boxes must go in the garbage.  (I personally cut the grease-stained pizza portion off to recycle the untainted part).

**Update: Philadelphia residents can take Foam (or styrofoam) containers #6 to the Northeast Sanitation Convenience Center at State & Ashburner Streets, but can NOT go in Single-Stream recycling.  

Is your takeout container compostable?

Typically, compostable containers contain language on the bottom that say they are so. Some plastic compostables may only be compostable in a composting facility, which we don’t have yet.

Try to avoid getting takeout (and containers) altogether by ordering smaller portions or sharing with a friend.

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