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Where Can I Buy Repurposed Furniture in Philadelphia?

Where Can I Buy Repurposed Furniture in Philadelphia?

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to spruce up your home or your business, purchasing repurposed furniture is one solution. Not only does it look good to go vintage, it’s saving these usable materials and pieces of furniture from winding up in a landfill.

The EPA reports that there is 9.8 million tons of furniture waste per year with more than 17 billion lbs of office furniture being sent to landfill. The trend of “disposable goods” hasn’t gotten any less prevalent and furniture is a huge part of that market.

In reality, the amount of damage disposable waste is doing to the environment is depressing. Landfills are the third most prevalent source of methane emissions in the USA. Methane is also a stronger greenhouse gas than even carbon dioxide, up to 36 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere.

In addition to wasting less, if you don’t adhere to Philly’s trash pickup rules, you could even get fined.

So why are we still buying new? Recycling can mean furniture, too.

The Benefits of Buying Repurposed Decor

Luckily for you, Philly is home to some of the best vintage and salvage stores in the country. From old school doorknobs to barrels, light fixtures and more, whatever you’re looking for, for DIY purposes or not, you can find it.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite spots to pick up repurposed gems and materials.

Where to Buy Repurposed Furniture in Philadelphia

Architectural Antiques Exchange

The Antiques Exchange is so large of a warehouse that, at 30,000-square-foot, it can be seen when you zoom out on Google Maps. The warehouse’s inventory is full of antique collections and salvaged pieces, from everyday tables and chairs to carousel horses and popcorn machines. Hipsters far-and-wide will rejoice at the impressive and immersive collection.

Visit: 715 North Second Street, Old City


This salvage warehouse is like a giant treasure chest filled with old-school Philly chic. It’s here that the “King of Jeans” sign wound up as well as hundreds of unique pieces and intriguing decorative trinkets. Ballet box for the 1930s, anyone? Provenance is continuously expanding their delectable collection, and are also at hand to help to bring your ideas to life. You can even check out their shop from the comfort of your home. 

Visit: 1801 North American Street #1E, North Philly


Brought to you by Habitat for Humanity, this thrift store has all kinds of bits and pieces of repurposed furniture. More than just that, all of it is at ridiculously unbeatable prices – every cent of which goes directly to building more Habitat houses in the community. At ReStore, you can also drop off furniture that you might have been hoarding away.

Visit: 2318 Washington Avenue, Point Breeze

Philly Reclaim

Have you ever wondered what happens to the furniture left behind in out-of-use buildings? In Philly, most of this goes to Philly Reclaim. The Philadelphia Community Corps donates every cool piece of furniture they find before deconstructing abandoned buildings. Their stockpile is seemingly endless, with chandeliers, marble, and reclaimed lumber al under the same roof.

Visit: 150 West Butler Street, North Philly

Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles

When you shop at Uhuru, you’re also supporting the African People’s Education and Defense Fund. For over 20 years, Uhuru has collected furniture donations and sold them on Spruce Street. Recently, they moved to a new spot at 832 North Broad St., but you can also find many of their pieces online. You can also donate your previously-loved furniture to Uhuru – they’ll pick it up for free.

Visit: 832 North Broad St, Philly

Life’s Patina Barn Sales

Not far outside of the city, the barn sale at Willowbrook Farm is a have for reclaimed and repurposed pieces. In the barn, you can find anything from vintage accents, European imports, and salvaged furniture. Life’s Patina’s mission is to celebrate keeping the past with their treasures while also sustaining a green, bare-bones lifestyle.

Visit:Willowbrook Farm, 1750 North Valley Road, Malvern

For every piece of repurposed furniture you find, there are also the materials to use for your own DIY projects. Cutting out the middleman can be incredibly beneficial, and not just for monetary reasons. After all, teach a man to fish and, well, you know the rest.

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