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Recycle Rubber Bands – Where Can I Wednesday?

Recycle Rubber Bands – Where Can I Wednesday?

Rebecca asks on our Facebook Wall:

Any way to recycle rubber bands, or know anywhere to donate them?


After collecting enough rubber bands to form a bouncy ball, what should you do. Here’s a few ideas of where to recycle rubber bands:
  • The United States Postal Service (USPS ) reuses them. Try leaving them in your mailbox or drop them off the next time you visit the post office.
  • Check local schools or non-profit orgs like Cradles to Crayons to see if they need any.
  • Use them on hangers to secure your clothes from falling off.
  • Wrap them around opened food in the kitchen to help them last longer
  • Tie dye!
  • Try bringing them into the office (and put in your office supply closet) so colleagues can use them.
  • Wrap a rubber band around the “neck” of a soap dispenser to reduce the amount used each time.
  • Try saving your reading spot in your current book!
  • Or you could always make a dress:
rubber band dress
Photo: Green Packs

Readers, what have you done with recycled rubber bands?



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