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Where to Recycle Old Sunglasses & Eyeglasses: WCI Weds

Where to Recycle Old Sunglasses & Eyeglasses: WCI Weds

recycle used eyeglassesGlasses are great for seeing better and looking like a hipster. But what can you do with old frames?

If you’ve broken a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, try repairing them before moving on to a new pair.

Definitely need to move on to new frames? The good news is you can donate them to the greater good and help people in need. We tackle how to recycle old eyeglasses & sunglasses in this week’s Where Can I Wednesday.

Where can you recycled old glasses & sunglasses?

  • New Eyes: glasses for those in need. New Eyes takes plastic eyeglasses, reading glasses & sunglasses in good condition and metal eyeglasses in any condition. (They also take watches, hearing aids and silverware/giftware.) Ship them in padded envelopes or a box: New Eyes
    549 Millburn Avenue, P.O. Box 332, Short Hills, NJ 07078.
  • Project 20/20 donates used glasses and sunglasses to those in need around the globe. Mail the donations to: Project 20/20 Eyeglasses Recycling Center, Emmanuel United Methodist Church, 2404 Kirby Road, Memphis, TN 38119.
  • Respecs Eyeglasses in Los Angeles repairs broken eyeglasses. Check out their website because they have some standards as far as taking old donations.
  • Lions Club takes old eyeglass donations.

Readers, do you have any other secrets of where to recycle used eyeglasses and/or sunglasses?


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