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Holiday Recycling Guide of Wrapping & More: Where Can I Wednesday?

Holiday Recycling Guide of Wrapping & More: Where Can I Wednesday?

Recycle Used Holiday Gift SuppliesHaul out the holly… and the wrapping paper… and the bows, party supplies, and tons of holiday-themed crap.

Where can you recycle Christmas tree & menorah wrapping paper? What can you put in the recycle bin from your holiday loot (and what should you trash?) Don’t worry, our merry readers: We have the answers for you in our holiday recycling guide. And the good news? Most of your gift materials can go full circle to be reincarnated.

The Philadelphia Streets Department spelled out what you can do this holiday season for recycling gift supplies & more (and it’s a LOT). Here’s a guide for you:

Holiday Gift Recycling List:

  • Wrapping paper (no ribbons or bows, please)
  • Gift boxes
  • Gift tags
  • Tissue paper
  • Greeting cards and envelopes
  • Shopping bags
  • Cardboard boxes (empty and flattened)
  • Hard plastic casing

Getting ready to booze it up & eat too many peppermint cookies and red & green appetizers? Here’s the ultimate Holiday Recycling Party List:


  1. Soda and water bottles
  2. Milk, water and juice jugs
  3. Rigid plastic containers and juice bottles
  4. Yogurt containers and deli trays
  5. Plastic cups, plates and to-go containers (clear, rigid #6 only, not styrofoam products)
  6. Many mixed plastic containers and plastic products

To learn more about what plastics you can recycle, download the Plastics Recycling Fact Sheet (pdf)

What else can you recycle from the holiday parties?

  • CARTONS: Orange juice cartons, milk cartons, juice boxes, soup boxes, ice cream cartons, and more
  • METALS: Tin and aluminum cans
  • GLASS: Jars and bottles containers
  • CARDBOARD: Soda and beer cartons

Readers, what other holiday remains will you need to recycle?


Photo: How Stuff Works


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