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Where to Donate Used Clothing in Philly: WCI Weds

Where to Donate Used Clothing in Philly: WCI Weds

donate used clothes in philadelphiaNeed to empty your closet of clothes that haven’t seen the outside world in a while?

There’s a few places to drop off used clothing in Philadelphia, as we address in this week’s Where Can I Wednesday column.

After reading so much about the freeing feelings with the  reduced “stuff” movement including You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap), I purged massive amounts during a closet clean-out spree. (See photo, left. I need to replicate this 6 more times.)

Whether you have a car or not in the city, there’s several organizations that will take your unwanted jeggings and former favorite pair of pants.

Where to donate used clothing in Philly:

  • Philly Aids Thrift accepts using clothing, shoes & accessories, among many other items during regular business hours, 7 days a week. 710 S 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.
  • The Career Wardrobe accepts many clothing donations like business suits, professional outfits, accessories, gently warn shows, medical professional wear and more.  Career Wardrobe, 21 South 12th Street, Suite. 110, Philadelphia, PA 19107, M-F 10-4 PM. Other locations & guidelines on the Career Wardrobe website. 
  • Goodwill is the ultimate one-stop shop for clothing (and almost anything) donations. Located at 2601 Front Street, Philadelphia, PA.
  • The Purple Heart picks up clothing donations straight from your door.
  • Planet Aid has clothes & shoes donation bins across the city. Visit their website to find the closest location to you.
  • Donation Town’s website will help you schedule a clothing pickup based on your zipcode with eligible charities.
  • The Buffalo Exchange gives you cash for your clothes, but has guidelines with trends, seasons & conditions. Greene Street also has consignment opportunities at its many Philadelphia locations, where you get paid after the item sells.

Readers, what donation drop-offs should we add to this list?

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