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What Earth Day Means to Philadelphians

What Earth Day Means to Philadelphians

Bike Philadelphia Campaign
Philly local biker Anne Hall & her littlest co-pilot!

We celebrate our “Earth Dayevery day, but today gives us an opportunity to reflect on what Earth Day means to those around our city. Philadelphia has thousands of amazing individuals working to help us achieve cleaner air, water, transit and healthier food options.

In honor of this green holiday, we asked a few local individuals what Earth Day means to them:

“I remember learning about the origins of Earth Day back in middle school, when I did a project about Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. I may not be Rachel Carson, but Earth Day to me is a reminder of the fact that we all share limited resources, and we all share the responsibility that goes along with that. I’m celebrating Earth Day by getting ready for BIKE MONTH in May (by the Bicycle Coalition) to celebrate the most fun and eco-friendly way to get around Philly.

Katie Monroe, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

For me, Earth Day is the yearly celebration of all the good you do for the planet on the other 364 days. It’s a day for me to dwell on all of the benefits that I get, gratis, from our all too small biosphere; it’s a chance for me to connect and share with others who are on the same path with the same goals; and it’s a call to action that I can always, always do a little bit more in lowering the weight of my impact on Earth. Finally, I get to work on a range of sustainability projects for my clients, so I get to see all of the amazing things that they are doing and get excited all over again.

Michael Di Tizio, Green Drinks Northern Liberties Organizer & Compliance & Standards Specialist (aka sustainability specialist) at Canon Business Solutions

Earth day is a day for me to stop and think about the impact that we are making on the earth and to take the opportunity to talk to other people how the way we live affects our planet.  I have been  wearing a shirt that says “We add up.” After all, every environmentally conscious action adds up to make a difference – and everyone has the power to make a difference. 
Catherine Kendig, Pennsylvania Residential Outreach Coordinator at Clean Currents

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