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Want to make cash from used baby supplies? Good Buy Gear just launched in Philly

Want to make cash from used baby supplies? Good Buy Gear just launched in Philly

Babies are expensive. Parents can reduce their carbon footprint (and wallet) by shopping & selling used goods.

Parents and soon-to-be parents can make the costs – both carbon and dollars – of a baby a little bit lower.

Founded by two moms, Good Buy Gear is a secondhand marketplace for buying and selling baby gear. After all, kids grow quickly, so why buy brand-new items when secondhand can be just as good? Safe in COVID times, buying and selling are contactless.

You don’t have to stress about broken unverified products from online marketplaces. Good Buy Gear only sells safe, clean, and quality-verified products.

Selections include a condition of Brand new, open box, barely used, gently used, or loved so you can tell what the quality of each item is, and expecting moms can also add inventory to their babylist registry.

Good news for local moms: Philadelphia buyers will get a discounted shipping rate ($5.99 flat) on all orders as an introductory rate.

How to sell used baby goods with Good Buy Gear & make cash

It’s easy to get started with Good Buy Gear. Here’s how:

  1. Drop-off or schedule a pickup of your items to Good Buy Gear. You can drop-off at their Malvern location (8 Lee Blvd, Malvern PA 19355) or schedule a time for them to pickup. Although there’s no upfront cost, a service fee of $10-25 will apply after the goods sell.

2. Good Buy Gear lists the item. Their “Wingmoms” do all the hard work of selling for you – clean, take pictures, write descriptions, and recommend pricing. All the consumer communication and shipping is handled through the online marketplace.

3. Get paid! Once your goods sell, you’ll receive up to 80% of the profits or 90% in Good Buy Bucks if you need to get new gear for your own child. The average seller makes $371.

Become a Supporter!

If you love what we do you can support our mission with a one-time or monthly contribution.
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