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Unused Drugs in Your Home – What to do? WCI Wednesday

Unused Drugs in Your Home – What to do? WCI Wednesday

unused drugsDo you have half-used medications and unused drugs stashed around your home? Perhaps a prescription you didn’t take completely but it’s sitting in your medicine cabinet?

Those pill bottles just clog up your cabinet space and can be a P.I.A. Luckily, there’s a collection event on Saturday for your unused drugs.

Unused medications can also be harmful to children, adults, animals or our overall ecosystem if they’re disposed of improperly or flushed down the toilet. Plus, pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, birth control, mood stabilizers & more – have been found in drinking water supplies. Gross. And who knows what that even means to what we’re doing to our bodies when we’re drinking H2O.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is having a National Take Back Initiative on Saturday, April 27th. There are tons of local sites in Philly and the surrounding areas to take your unused drugs including:

  • Fire Department Ladder 2, (101 N. 4TH ST, 19106)
  • Fire Dept Engine 43/Ladder 9;  (2108 MARKET ST.)
  • Trinity Center for Urban Life; (2212 Spruce Street, 19103)
  • Collingswood Community College (28 West Collings Ave, Collingswood, NJ)
  • Drexel University Rec Lobby (3301 Market Street, 19104)
  • West Conshohocken Borough Hall (112 Ford Street, Conshohocken, 19428)

For a full list of locations, Check the DEA website for the National Take Back Initiative Collections Site Search.

Readers, will you be taking back your unused drugs on Saturday?


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