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TreePhilly Fall Giveaway: Where YOU Can Get a Free Tree – WCI

TreePhilly Fall Giveaway: Where YOU Can Get a Free Tree – WCI

TreePhillyGuess what friends… craving a new tree? We can answer for Where Can I Wednesday…

TreePhilly is giving up to 2 free trees per homeowner, religious or community groups in the Fall 2013 Yard Tree Program. There will be 2500 FREE trees, so grab yours today. (AND fruit tress for the first time ever!)

How to Get Your FREE TreePhilly

  • Register between now & October 31st.
  • Pick up your tree at an event on one of the following dates.
  • Pre-register if you want a fruit tree! (All others are first-come, first-serve.)
  • Register with  Phila Parks & Rec here.

TreePhilly Pickup Dates

  • Sat. November 9th, 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4 pm, Pennypack Environmental Center (8600 Verree Rd. 19115)
  • Sun. November 10th, 11am-1pm, Columbus Square Playground (1200 Whatron St. 19147)
  • Sat. November 16th, 11am-1pm, Overington Park (4600 Leiper St. 19124)
  • Sun. November 17th, 12-2pm, West Oak Lane Library (2000 Washington Lane, 19138)

As  said Michael DiBerardinis, Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources said,

“With the continued support of our great partners and building off the tremendous success of the spring TreePhilly campaign, the fall 2013 TreePhilly campaign will enable even more Philadelphia property owners to receive free trees and learn about the numerous benefits of planting trees. For the first time this fall we are very excited to offer fruit trees in the selection for tree giveaways.”

Become a Supporter!

If you love what we do you can support our mission with a one-time or monthly contribution.
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