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SEPTA Fares Increase Today: Get Extra Change Ready

SEPTA Fares Increase Today: Get Extra Change Ready

New SEPTA fare zone mapToday is the day: Get out that extra change (if you didn’t hoard tokens last week...) SEPTA fares increase.

SEPTA has routine fare increases to raise revenue – their 2014 operating budget is $38 million short of the $1.3 billion. Hey, when you’re the #1 large transit system in the country, you have to keep up your eco-friendly programs, large fleet & awesomeness somehow.

New SEPTA fares are:

  • Single-Trip Transit: $2.25 to ride on: Bus, Subway, Trolley, Trackless Trolley. You usually need exact change. (Up from $2)
  • Tokens: $1.80 (up from $1.55)
  • Weekly TransPass: $24 (up from $22)
  • Monthly TransPass: $91 (up from $83)
  • Cross County Pass: $29 Weekly or $109 monthly
  • One Day Independence Pass: $12 Individual (previously $11)/ $29 Family

You can still buy those paper transfers for $1.

SEPTA is swapping out its tokens for the smartcard-based payment system next year, so brace yourself for another increase (cash rides to $2.50!). The $1 paper transfers will only apply to smartcard users.

SEPTA’s site has the full details on their new fare prices. (They even have a section Best Value with a $ to prove you can still save money.)

SEPTA Regional Rail Fares Change

SEPTA regional rail fareWondering how your regional rail fare will be modified from these changes?

  • 5 zones no longer: There are only 4 zones. 
  • All zone 5 stations are now zone 4.
  • Some zone 4s are zone 3 – but some stay the same.
  • A few other stations are downgraded from 3 to 2 OR 2 to 1.
  • Get your tickets ahead of time: advanced tickets increase from $.25 to $.75 cents, depending on the destination.
  • … but weekday tickets purchased ON the train increase from $4 to $6 for zone 1 alone.
  • Senior Citizens can travel in PA for only $1 (65 or older). This shouldn’t discourage my parents (who took it for the FIRST time in May after living in Philly for 40+ years…Go Mom & Dad!) from riding SEPTA
  • The TransPasses will lack those M or F stickers, reminding you of your gender. (Does that mean we can share weekly/monthly passes again?!?)

With so many options and regional rail swaps, make sure to check out SEPTA’s regional rail new fare guide.

Readers, price increases are never fun. Do you think the SEPTA fare increase is worthwhile? What would you like to see done with the extra revenue? (I would lovee to see some new clean subway cars!!)

Photos: SEPTA

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