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Reader Profile: Rhonda Babb

Reader Profile: Rhonda Babb

This week, let’s meet a reader who took her passion and optimism for sustainability and created the Hope Symbol. She also works in sustainability at a local nonprofit. Let’s meet Rhonda.

Name: Rhonda Babb

Title & Occupation: Communications and Marketing Manager

Hometown: Philadelphia

Current Town: Hatfield, NJ

What’s your fun fact? I am a big Philly Sports fan – especially the Flyers and Eagles.

How did you become interested in sustainability?

I had a bit of an awakening in 2005 around the time of Hurricane Katrina and “An Inconvenient Truth”. Things started to come together in my mind and I realized that I needed to do something to be part of the solution – not the problem.

How do you bring sustainability and environmental awareness into your daily routine or the people around you?

I recently left my job in b2b marketing to work at an environmental education non-profit named Riverbend in Gladwyne. I am surrounded by people who are dedicated to providing STEM and inquiry-based education to a new generation of environmental leaders.

Additionally, I developed a symbol for my grad school thesis called the “hope symbol”. I was inspired by the origin of the peace symbol. It was designed in the late 1950’s by designer Gerald Holtom as a symbol for the nuclear disarmament movement in the UK. Over time, the symbol was appropriated by other movements in the 60’s and is now a symbol for peace. Since my background is in graphic design and branding, I wanted to try to design a symbol that could embody the sustainability movement in the same way. It would be very easy to be discouraged by how dire things may become as our climate changes.

To me, hope motivates.

Regardless of how people come to this movement or what there focus is, there always seems to be a sense of optimism that drives them.

Otherwise, in my daily life, I try to make well-considered choices that are good for the environment and I try to live by example. 

What’s one recommendation you’d make to other readers to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Take that first step – it will lead to the next. Once you are on the path, it is easy to keep going and bring friends along with you.

Why do you attend Green Philly events?

To spend time with like-minded people who are all doing amazing work. I’ve had a lot of great conversations at these events. Every so often, it is nice to look up from your own work and see what other people are doing. It helps me to recharge.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I love the work that Julie and Green Philly continue for this community. Keep up the great work!

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