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Philly’s Greenfield School Earns “Green” Award For Sustainability!

Philly’s Greenfield School Earns “Green” Award For Sustainability!

Greenfield school earns Green Ribbon AwardLet’s be real: It’s essential to get our youth on board with sustainability. We’re psyched to see a Philadelphia school taking action and getting recognized for it!

Albert M. Greenfield Elementary School received the national Green Ribbon Schools Award from the US Dept of Education for increasing its environmental awareness, health & wellness.

Greenfield has reduced its energy consumption with savings of 52% in the past year (hello tax dollars saved), incorporated sustainability in the students’ learning and worked on green initiatives like solar installations, rain gardens and  pervious pavement (to capture 97% of storm water runoff as part of Green Cities, Clean Waters). Students also learn about micro-climates, indigenous plants, rain water absorption & non-point source pollution in AND outside of the classroom. Partnerships with Fairmount Waterworks interpretative center & Delaware Green Building Council also furthers the school’s dedication to the environment.

Partnering with the Philadelphia Orchard project helped the students plant an urban orchard garden on-site and encouraging fresh, healthy eating.

Only 4 schools in Pennsylvania received the Green Ribbon, including Greenfield. Greenfield’s other award was 2013 Pennsylvania Pathways School, for their green initiatives improving student achievement, graduate rate and workforce preparedness.  As the Superintendent William Hite mentioned,

“Greenfield Elementary is a model for schools throughout our District, state and nation in rallying students and staff around environmental awareness.”

Pathways to Green Schools explains the entire Greenfield project.


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