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Eviama Spa’s Grand & Sustainable New Locale: Plus VIP Party Special!
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Eviama Spa’s Grand & Sustainable New Locale: Plus VIP Party Special!

Eviama Life Spa Midtown Villiage PhiladelphiaMassages and a trip to the spa are the time you want to relax and let go of all worries. It’s also the last place you want to contemplate what chemicals are being used on your body.

Eviama Life Spa is the original, natural Philadelphia spa. Need proof? Owner Penny Ordway genuinely “got” the natural movement before it was even a blip on most people’s radars. From the moment you step foot on the second floor, green plants through the window and Buddhist statues set the calming tone and remind you how an urban structure can coexist with the surrounding environment. As Penny explain’s Eviama’s mission:

If you want to feel refreshed, renewed, rejuvenated, then let it be in a place with lower chemical load from building materials, a healthier atmosphere filled with natural light and products and aromas that do not disrupt the endocrine, respiratory or nervous systems… At Eviama, our environmental mission is reflected in our design and operation, our services, practices our product choices.  Thinking ecologically influences everything we do.

Eviama’s recent move to Midtown Village (109 S. 13th St 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107) embodies the eco philosophy.  The spa is designed with all naturally reclaimed and sustainable materials, from the floors down to the shelves. Bamboo floors, LED lighting, reclaimed timbers, 100% VOC & toxin-free paints, EnergyStar appliances and lead-free faucets show you that every detail was well-thought out. Regardless if the decor was from the previous location or new, everything has a purpose.

The treatments at Eviama Spa incorporate a holistic approach, cleansing your mind, body & spirit. Take the experience to de-stress. A wide range of treatments from more conventional massages and waxing to Reiki, Thai Bodywork and more.  Some of the rooms are fit for treatments for two: Mother’s day is coming up and the popular Mother-Daughter massages or facials are perfect.

Products at Eviama are all very natural. Dr. Hauschka Skincare is a favorite, as they’re made from ingredients organic, biodynamic and/or harvested by hand. The makeup is plant-based so you don’t have to fear lead leeching into your skin. Plus, they run a foundation that maintains sustainable growing projects around the world, in places like Romania & Ethiopia.

Why Support Eviama Life Spa?

Eviama Life Spa Penny OrdwayStill not sure about Eviama Spa after all the natural reasons? There’s one more awesome fact about Penny.

Ordway doesn’t only implement sustainable methods in Eviama spa, but she supports the Philadelphia environmental community. She purchases 100% renewable energy from the local energy provider Energy Coop. She beamed while saying she’s been a proud supporter of GRID from the start.  It takes someone like Penny who gets it and is willing not only to invest in herself, but others making a difference. It’s people like her that help you realize the green movement isn’t stuck, but very well alive. We each have the power to make a difference.

You can preview the space on this video, too:

Want to attend Eviama Spa’s VIP opening party?

The VIP opening party is this Sunday (April 28th) from 1:30 to 3:30 and will include complimentary mini-spa services, light refreshments & complimentary cocktails, door prizes, guided tours, boutique discounts, $25 off for any treatments booked, swag bags & more.

Want to attend? Make sure you like Green Philly Blog & Eviama Spa on Facebook and comment below. We’ll email a few lucky winners.



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