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Boutique Fancy Fluff – Pet Approved Boutique to Green Your Pets

So you’re all psyched to be caught up in the green movement… you’re shopping at Whole Foods with your reusable bags… But what about your best friend?!?

Don’t leave Fido, Max or Fluffy out of your green changes!  Good news – the Boutique Fancy Fluff (BFF) has taken over as the ‘Healthier, Happier, More Earth Friendly Online Pet Store!’  BFF offers everything from treats, toys, clothes and more for your pet! All items are hand-selected to be “healthier alternatives for pets with high-quality designs, more Earth-friendly and/or helping enhance the human- animal bond.  Products are organic (from treats to shampoos), made on sustainable farms with humanly-raised livestock to dog to cat toys made from recyclable material.  Other products include recyclable toys or biodegradable/degradable , made of soy ink or 100 % vegetable dyes.

Veterinarian Dr. Bonnie Valiente, VMD grew up in Philadelphia and is adamant about helping the green and healthy moment.  She visits and meets with vendors or supplier to go over product details to ensure their advertisements are backed by actions – So you know your loved pet will be safe!  She also supports local causes – My favorite part of the site are the monthly featured items that help homeless animals – a portion of the proceeds to go to local groups like the Delaware County SPCA.
Fascinated by these products and Bonnie’s display, I decided to purchase organic banana peanut butter treats for my favorite dogs Maximus and Rachel.  With their speed of food inhalation & persistence for more, I’d say they were QUITE excited by these treats!
Here’s some evidence:
Max-Moose getting anxious for the peanut butter & bananO:
Rachel was also psyched once she had a taste:

Support Bonnie & Boutique Fancy Fluff at

Posted by Julie

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