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Ancient Spirits & Grille features 50′ Green Wall & organic menu

Ancient Spirits & Grille features 50′ Green Wall & organic menu

A new restaurant in Philadelphia debuted in September with unique features.

Customers can fill out a few questions on an app and receive a customized menu featuring organic dishes and cocktails.

Ancient Spirits Bar and Grillé is inspired by Ayurveda, a practice dating back 5,000 years to restore and maintain the harmony between the body and the mind. It focuses on holistic food to promote wellness by remedying the body’s imbalances. According to a press release:

According to Ayurveda, the body and mind is ruled by life forces or Doshas. Ayurveda divides body types on the basis of three doshas: Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Earth). These doshas are constants in life with each person’s physical and mental characteristics being defined by their predominant dosha. Ancient Spirit & Grille assesses each guest’s predominant dosha through a short classified questionnaire (assessing each individual’s emotion, behavior, and activities) to help them balance their dosha for a healthier lifestyle created by co-owner Syam Nambella. 

Drink options include over 50 varieties of organic and biodynamic wines. Although the menu features vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, the menu has a variety of omnivore specialties including Grilled Octopus, Braised Lamb, Lobster, Rack of Lamb, Braised Rabbit, Ginger Duck Breast, Lavender-Cardamom Ice Cream, Creme Brulee with Saffron Custard.

Photos by Eddy Marenco
Photos by Eddy Marenco

The three-story, 7,000 square feet, 150-seat dining room features a green wall, plants, artwork by local artists, unique wooden sculptures and other decorative details. 

Cover photo by Society Hill Films

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