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Sweetlife Festival: Celebrate Music, Sustainable Living & Healthy Eating

Sweetlife Festival: Celebrate Music, Sustainable Living & Healthy Eating

Sweetlife Festival at Merriweather Pavillion 2012

Besides the temps creeping up, another exciting season is upon us: Music festivals. Yet, with hundreds of people rocking out to everything from the biggest bands to indie acts, I get a little scared about how thousands of people make so much music… and love… and waste.

Be not afraid, music-loving environmentalists.

The Sweetlife Food & Music Festival is coming to the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on Saturday, April 28th. This festival is focused on eating healthy and sustainability with a really great day of music to combine the best of both worlds.

The awesome lineup of bands include Kid Cudi, the Shins, FUN., Avicii, Fitz & the Tantrums, Explosions in the Sky, Delta Spririt, and more. Two stages will bring the a balance of names most will recognize as well as up & coming bands you’ll discover. Last year’s festival even welcomed the Strokes to rock out.

Beth shared how she fell in love with Sweetgreen‘s organic & local cuisine. Luckily, I had the chance to chat with Nicolas Jammet, owner of Sweetgreen & co-founder of the festival.

Jammet explained how the festival started two years ago in a parking lot behind a Farmer’s Market near his Dupont Circle store to drive business. Since music’s always been a big part of the brand, it made sense to host a free block party to connect with customers. Last year, it got even bigger and moved to Merriweather.

Sweetlife will have a ton of sustainable practices, including recycling stations where you can trade your recyclables for prizes; local & organic partners, farmers & chefs; composting stations; and biodegradable utensils, cups & napkins. They’re also partnering with nonprofit DC Central Kitchen & using a few members as staff. The DC Central Kitchen gets people off the streets and gives them skills to better the community. Nonprofit Global Inheritance is also returning to the Sweetlife festival with exhibits & educating concertgoers this year.

Worried about being a locavore? The festival promises transparency and traceability, so the foods come from New York to Charlotte. (I’m currently reading a book that averages food to our plate at apprx 2000+ miles, so this is a relatively narrow span for such a big day.) To lower concertgoer’s transportation carbon footprint, buses are running from DC and Philly to the pavilion on the Rock & Bus and Zipcar gives first time users a discount for the festival.

Artists typically eat a lot of crap & junk food backstage, so this festival will offer the bands healthy food. Behind the scenes, bands will be getting reusable water bottles, favor biodiesel fuel for buses, and eco-friendly lighting in the pavilion. As for Jammet, he’s most excited that bands Fitz and the Tantrums, Twin Shadow & US Royalty are participating in the festival.

As Jammet says, “Sweetlife is living your best life and not compromising.” We agree and can’t wait to experience it!

What are you waiting for? Check out Sweetlife’s website for tickets.


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