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Blue Skies, Green Spaces: SBN unConference

Blue Skies, Green Spaces: SBN unConference

Ready for an inspiring day of discussing local business challenges and innovation?

Innovation is essential for small businesses, public sectors & the local economy. And the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is tackling all sorts of discussions around innovation on November 15th.

blue skies green spaces unconference 2014

Blue Skies, Green Spaces: The unConference

Join our community partner, The Sustainable Business Network for Blue Skies, Green Spaces: Innovations in Sustainable Business, the unConference. For over a decade SBN has been a regular pioneer in engineering strategic, educational events for Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community stakeholders.

This year, SBN is assembling local entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, policy makers, and students invested in sustainability, and experienced in leading innovation in the workplace. The unConference format is one that cultivated the insight of YOU, the ultimate expert.

Here’s how the unConference will work:

Let me tell you guys: I’ve had my amazing fill of unConferences and LOVE them.

The unConference works like this: Attendees create content and are free to walk around to the sessions they want to attend. It’s driven by attendee engagement, so come prepared to share experiences, questions and challenges engaging innovation in their business strategies.

You’ll join over 100 thought leaders from an a variety of industries, soaking in and sharing high impact strategies for fostering innovation in all aspects of your business.

Want to lead a session? Pitch it!

SBN will kick off the day taking ideas and attendees will vote with their feet on what they’d like to attend. If you don’t feel engaged, move on to the next session. From marketing to management; logistics to supply chain management; human resources to accounting, learn innovative, sustainable approaches to your business challenges.

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