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Philly Farm and Food Fest is Coming – Get Cheap Tickets by 2/28

Philly Farm and Food Fest is Coming – Get Cheap Tickets by 2/28

February 28th is your last day to take advantage of $15 tickets to this year’s Philly Farm and Food Fest!

In case you’ve missed it in previous years or can’t tell by the title, there will be plenty of delectable, fresh food available for your tasting. The contributing vendors include local farmers, artisans, and agricultural extraordinaires. What better way to show your city some love than to indulge in Instagrams of its local food and booze?

Philly Farm & Food Fest 2017: What to Expect

Aside from providing an exemplary array of tasty samples, the Fest also connects local farmers with restaurants, creating the opportunity for them to collaborate. You can also make some connections while you’re there by browsing through their CSA Pop-Up Shop. Find the right CSA for you, and keep the fair food coming even after this event is over!

Classes will be available within the Fest for guests to enjoy tips on how to fine-tune certain foods. Start at the Grain Station to absorb some gluten knowledge from the pros. After that, join a class at the curd convention to perfect your cheese skills. Whatever you choose, make sure to sign up for these classes ahead of time as they are likely to fill up quickly!

Some exhibitors to look forward to are the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, Sly Fox Brewing Company, Weckerly’s Ice Cream, and Honeygrow. These are just a few of the many stops you can make as you journey through this edible maze.

This annual fair food event will be held at the PA Convention Center on Saturday, April 8th. Last year was a huge success, stay up to date with this year’s ongoings through the Philly Farm and Food Fest Instagram.

Grab your tickets to Philly’s tastiest event soon!

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