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Performances at POOL are a SPLASH this summer

Performances at POOL are a SPLASH this summer

Performers and chefs explore the ideas around the Fairmount Water Work’s exhibit from July – September. 

POOL: A Social History of Segregation is open now to explore the role of pools in the United States and the connection between water, social justice, and public health. A series of musical and culinary arts will expand the experience to prolong the discussion and re-ignite interest in the issues addressed in the exhibition.

There will be thirty-minute musical sets with a free Concession stand during breaks. The “concession” will feature free food prepared by young, local entrepreneurs of color that remind people where one buys food at a pool and as a hat tip to the concessions needed for public pools to be more equitable places.

SPLASH/CONCESSIONS will be featured every other Saturday from 3-5 PM, beginning Saturday, July 16th.

Performances included “Water Speaks” by Keisha Hutchins Hirlinger & Doug Hirlinger Group to explore joy, life, death, sorrow, resilience and love in relation to water and Trouble The Water by the Philadelphia Jazz Tap Ensemble,  Jazz-based music, movement and spoken word performance.

SPLASH/ Concessions flyer

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