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Green Winners & Losers of the Philadelphia Auto Show

Green Winners & Losers of the Philadelphia Auto Show

Philadelphia-Auto-Show-2012I was pretty psyched to see the Philadelphia Auto Show… not because I wanted to see the rich, expensive cars I could never dream of affording… but because I’ve received many updates from corporate car brands to test-drive the latest and greatest green models.

So how did everything pan out?  With the Grammys on Sunday and Oscars fast approaching, I wanted to share my winners for green themes at the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show:

Biggest Green Surprise

SubaruAlthough they downplayed their list of accomplishments on a cardboard, their main zero-waste factory campaign was hidden behind the Subaru reps.  I was fascinated that literally NO WASTE comes out from their factory, which simultaneously is a wildlife reserve in the middle of Indiana. Go Subarau!

Best Hype:

Nissan’s LEAF is their new electric car.  Philly’s even preparing for the Leaf’s arrival with Charging Stations in Center City locations!

Most Improved:

Volkwagen really stepped up their diesel game with an “almost” zero-emissions vehicle! Since I worked in VW in high school (and still have nightmares of the service customers…), I’ve heard of 0 eco-gestures from Ze Germans. I was pleasantly surprised by their nice corporate reps who explained their “Think Blue” campaign.  The TDI diesel engines remove apprx 95% of emissions

Biggest Losers:

 Luxury brands. If people can afford a $100,000 car, why isn’t there more of a ‘go green’ push? Porche did showcase this hybrid with bike on top, but besides that – I didn’t notice much.  Most of the hybrid/electric marketing campaigns are tailored to “Middle America”.

Best Campaign Looping Around the Car Show “Rules”

Kia.  Kia pulled a fast one by having the ability to test-drive a Hybrid around the corner on Arch St, right outside the Convention Center.  My nice little run around the block was perfect for test-driving the above KIA Optima Hybrid. (Note: the pic inside the car was wayyy too close for GPB readers. Believe me, I wanted to keep a few of you.)

And the winner is (in the “Best Green Marketing Efforts” category)…

Toyota Prius.  The pretty blue Prius was on a raised spinning platform with a “nature-y” forest background.  Toyota also had an ‘explore Monopoly’ where you could test “ride” a Prius, which did draw a crowd & 15-minute-wait line. (No participants could test drive.)  A Toyota rep took participants through a Monopoly-themed course, explaining how the hybrid technology works and showcasing the various Prius features. Just look how cool the dashboard of this is:

Overall, I was disappointed with the lack of eco-friendly emphasis at the Auto Show.  Unfortunately, we live in a country that’s 3000 miles coast-to-coast, where a car is necessary in some areas.  Automobiles are one of the potential areas people can get EXCITED about green technology.  Why not have more than 8 green technology cars featured?

Props to our winners from the 2012 Philadelphia Auto Show. Unfortunately, I have no golden statues or globes to hand out.  Nor Green Awards. That would be such a waste of materials, anyway.


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