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Green New Deal Recap

Green New Deal Recap

Flash talks covered topics of sustainability, carbon capturing from cows and more.

Our attendees heard each speaker give a five-minute talk on an aspect of the Green New Deal. The featured speakers were:

  • Saleem Chapman – Office of Sustainability
  • Tiffany Threadgould – Terracycle
  • Megan Garner – Philadelphia School District
  • Timothy McDonald – Onion Flats
  • Chad Adams – Ground Plan Studio
  • Barbara Moore – Philadelphia Housing Authority
Green New Deal 2019
Photo: In Between Rivers

Tiffany Threadgould discussed LOOP, Terracycle’s way to bring back the milkman and cut our single-use plastic dependency.

Tiffany Threadgould LOOP
Photo: In Between Rivers

Chad Adams of Ground Plan Studio challenged that animal agriculture can heal the earth instead of being destructive.

Photo: In Between Rivers

Rob Fleming discussed Woodstock and how the momentum of sustainability is continuing to grow. His Sustainability Leadership Certificate Program helps professionals accelerate the green momentum.

Photo: In Between Rivers

See more moments from the Green New Deal:

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