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Delaware River Festival returns Sept 24th to October 3rd

Delaware River Festival returns Sept 24th to October 3rd

Events will be both online and in-person to reach a wider audience this year.

The Delaware River Festival is back from September 24th through October 3rd.

Events include paddling, nature walks, kite flying online story readings, animal presentations, sponsored evenings at Evil Genius and Eclipse Breweries and much more to celebrate the Delaware River. There will also be a special event at Subaru Park Plaza in Chester on October 2nd including stadium tours, community garden tours, crafts giveaways, and more.

The Festival is hosted by Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE), in conjunction with the Philadelphia Water Department, the Center for Aquatic Sciences, the Independence Seaport Museum, Camden County Parks, and others.

“This is always such an amazing opportunity to educate people about the river in a fun and engaging way, especially with the city of Chester joining the fun this year,” said PDE Executive Director Kathy Klein.

The goal of the festival is to educate about the Delaware River and Bay and to highlight work on clean water, healthy habitats, and strong communities, according to Klein. “The more people know about the river, and the plants and animals that make their homes in the watershed, the more they can appreciate and take care of it.”

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