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Tell the City Where Bike Share Spots Should Go!

Tell the City Where Bike Share Spots Should Go!

philly bike share location map

Who’s pumped for the upcoming Philly Bike Share program launching in the Spring?

The City of Philadelphia is crowdsourcing your opinions to make the program awesome. How can you participate? Simply give your feedback for potential station locations.  This Philly Bike Share map has approx. 100 locations and the city wants to narrow it down to the 60 most solid.

Philly Bike Share Map

All you do is click the pinned locations on the map, answer a few q’s and submit a few (optional) descriptors about yourself. Potential station questions address whether the location is “good” for a bike share, safety at night, if there are better locations nearby and a space to provide additional feedback. Unfortunately, you cannot ‘drop’ pins on the map to crowdsource your own scheme… like, a spot right in front of your apartment.

So how were these spots sourced? The locations on the map were considered by a combination of factors like population density, what’s around the ‘hood, bike lanes, available space, city reps from Parks & Rec, SEPTA & universities, and bike share map by a ‘bike advocacy org’ (i.e., Bike Coalition?)

You have until October 20, 2014 to give feedback, so do your democratic thing and vote!

Want to stay in the loop? Stay tuned to the City’s Bike Share Website for updates. Or listen to us. Obviously, us.

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