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Week Recap: US Climate Report, Street Sweeping & NaturePHL

Week Recap: US Climate Report, Street Sweeping & NaturePHL

It’s time for the weekly recap.

Over the News Foundry a few weeks ago, I found out about this cool new tool from a new friend to help share recent articles we found in one place.

Meet Gazet.


Here’s how it works. Click through to the website, and you can read out overview, plus click through directly to read the articles further. The US dropped a HUGE climate report on Black Friday, so we shared a few of our fav articles about what you need to know.

Plus, goodies like ways to give back, and the ever-popular street sweeping.

Think of it like the Skimm for our weekly must-knows.

US Climate Report, Street Sweeping & News, OH MY.

The Federal Government revealed a foreboding new climate report on Black Friday, attempting to bury the results and limit press. Learn about major report takeaways, Philly happenings (how to give back AND yes, Street sweeping again.) Plus, we share two events to put on your calendar next week.

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