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Tracking Philly’s carbon neutrality goal and how to become a birder this year.

Tracking Philly’s carbon neutrality goal and how to become a birder this year.

Here are some of the latest green headlines.

Two city council members want to hold a hearing on Philly’s progress towards its 2050 carbon neutrality goal. Isaiah Thomas and Rue Landau plan on introducing a resolution, which would include a hearing to focus on a “just energy transition” and find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. WHYY

City Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson recently took to Reddit for an AMA and addressed questions about litter, safety on SEPTA, and more.

Why do rivers flood during sunny days? As climate change increases the frequency of flooding, a new study is focusing on Brandywine Creek flood events by researchers at the Brandywine Conservancy, the Chester County Water Resource Authority, and the University of Delaware’s Water Resources Center.

Even previous coal country towns are hiring sustainability managers for residents. Allentown hired its first sustainability coordinator to oversee environmental initiatives and increase community engagement.

Is 2024 your year to be a birder? Our region is one of the best in the country for birdwatching year-round. Here’s how to watch for feathered friends year-round in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Photo by Wei Fukuyama on Unsplash

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