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PennFuture Released a ‘Green New Deal’ plan for Pennsylvania’s path post-pandemic

PennFuture Released a ‘Green New Deal’ plan for Pennsylvania’s path post-pandemic

PennFuture’s “A Green Stimulus and Recovery Platform for Pennsylvania” prioritizes green jobs, clean energy and nature-based businesses

As we’re in the midst of a pandemic and already talking about how to move forward towards recovery, advocates are focusing on how a sustainable future will be fruitful for the economy too.

PennFuture released “A Green Stimulus and Recovery Platform for Pennsylvania” Report for leaders to implement a green stimulus recovery plan for the state. Approximately $2.8 billion in investments would preserve or create almost 400,000 jobs.

The report has 5 key policy recommendations:

  1. Avoid budget cuts that will hurt the economic recovery like environmental and conservation programs.
  2. Preserve nature-based businesses from collapse while encouraging in-state residents to take advantage of PA’s outdoor amenities.
  3. Create a green jobs program to put PA back to work, including in-state park and forest maintenance, green stormwater infrastructure and tree planting
  4. Double down on PA’s clean energy economy, focusing on community solar, energy efficiency, and clean transit.
  5. Create a green recovery summit for local and county officials.

Photo of Scranton, PA by Cameron Sanborn on Unsplash

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