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Oh, Hi! We have a brand new look!

Oh, Hi! We have a brand new look!

Learn about the new website – and new URL.

Over this past week, we kicked off the inaugural Green Week (see above photo), joined Keep Philadelphia Beautiful for a cleanup, taught people about sustainability, spoke on a panel, told a story, was featured on AJ+, and it’s my 4 year anniversary to leave the corporate world to work on Green Philly full time. (Sometimes, I slept.)...

We did another thing.

After starting a secret project 14 months ago, we’re proud to announce: our website redesign is LIVE!

What’s new with the website?     

  • A cleaner layout
  • Content along with events, jobs & podcast episodes on the main page
  • A job board
  • Updated color palette
  • Cleaner page layouts
  • A new URL!

Why the URL Change?

An exciting announcement: We changed our URL to “”.

We’ve grown up in the last eleven years from a blog to a robust media source, community outreach tool, podcast and more.

Dropping the “Blog” but keeping the Spirit

Eleven years ago, we started Green Philly Blog out of a passion to make sustainability easy, accessible and fun. Today, we still have that sentiment, but the website matches how we have evolved: into a robust website using journalism to make a difference.

Our mission is to help others, share the truth and inspire others to take sustainable actions.

We bring people together in real life. We launched a podcast. We host packed inspirational talks, panel discussions, and volunteer fairs. We’ve created SustainPHL, an award ceremony that has recognized over 100 local changemakers.

We’re still based in Philly and focused on the city.

This also gives us room to share news, events, and resources with the greater Philadelphia area.

And maybe other cities… one day.

Let us know what you think on social media or tell us in the comments. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake. View all posts by Julie Hancher
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