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New funding for climate, Get composting in your neighborhood & more

New funding for climate, Get composting in your neighborhood & more

The latest in sustainability news this week!

It feels like Spring this week in our region, with temperatures in the 70s. Did you know the USDA updated its Zone Hardiness Map for the first time since 2012 as climate change warms our winters?

Philadelphia was selected as one of 25 US cities to join the Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities, and will receive an innovation team (with up to three dedicated staff members) for climate mitigation. The program is a three-year initiative to transition to low-carbon, resilient, and economically thriving communities. Philadelphia was also awarded the American Cities Climate Challenge in 2018. “This initiative will give us key tools and resources to meaningfully include Philadelphia’s most impacted communities in building a lower-carbon world that drives shared prosperity,” said Elizabeth Lankenau, Interim Director of the Philadelphia Office of Sustainability, in a press release.

Composting is spreading around the city! Philadelphia Parks & Rec’s Farm City will launch applications for 10-12 new sites to join the Community Compost Network. Apply online through April 12th.

New Jersey is sinking due to geological conditions. Atlantic City ranks fifth in the Atlantic Coast cities in terms of land mass at risk due to flooding and rising sea levels, according to the Inquirer.

Council members Jamie Gauthier and Katherine Gilmore Richardson, Devi Ramkissoon of Sustainable Business Network, Kimberly McGlonn, Ph.D. of Grant Blvd, and Christa Barfield of Farmer Jawn were featured as Metro Philadelphia’s 2024 Power Women.

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