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Meet the guardians of the Wissahickon, wildfire & hurricanes & more

Meet the guardians of the Wissahickon, wildfire & hurricanes & more

Catch up on the latest sustainability news before your holiday weekend.

The Friends of the Wissahickon focuses on cleanups and wetlands to combat the impacts of climate change in the park. Read more about the century-old group in Billy Penn.

Local advocates blocked traffic to advocate for more funding for Philadelphia Parks and Recreation.

Wildfire season is in session in Canada, and it could return to Philly this summer. Although it’s unlikely to be as severe as last June, climate change makes wildfires worse. NOAA is also predicting an abnormally active hurricane season, partially due to an alarming increase in ocean temperatures.

Mayor Cherelle Parker signed an executive order to create the “Clean and Green Cabinet,” and announced a goal to clean every block this summer. Although specific goals of the cabinet have not been announced, six committees (Quality of Life, Greening and Beautification, Enforcement, Sustainability, Community Councils and Commercial Improvement) have been announced. The Office’s website identified litter and illegal dumping, blighted and vacant properties, abandoned autos, graffiti and nuanced businesses as the main challenges.

Need some listening for your trip down the shore this weekend? Tune into the Gritty and Green Podcast, presented by Green Philly.

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Julie Hancher is Editor-in-Chief of Green Philly, sharing her expertise of all things sustainable in the city of brotherly love. She enjoys long walks in the park with local beer and greening her travels, cooking & cat, Sir Floofus Drake. View all posts by Julie Hancher
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