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Infamous Fairmount Park tree to be cut down; blame climate change

Infamous Fairmount Park tree to be cut down; blame climate change

The sugar maple tree on the Belmont Plateau will be removed in the coming weeks.

Another Philly landmark will soon be removed.

This time, we’re not talking about buildings. Instead, an iconic sugar maple tree will be cut down from the Belmont Plateau. Parks and Recreation said the tree is dying and has lost some of its bark, limbs, and foliage.

Maple trees can be tapped to collect sap for maple sugar and syrup, typically in February and March. However, these trees are at risk due to climate change. The trees need to go dormant in the winter to “recharge,” and the snowpack protects the tree’s roots. With warmer winters, there is less snowpack, which can lead to root damage and growth of the tree shoots.

The trees trunks and limbs will be milled into lumber in Fairmount Park. Three new black gum trees will be planted near the location of the maple on Arbor Day, April 29, 2022.

Cover photo by J. Fusco for VISIT PHILADELPHIA®

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