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Hyperlocal delivery Bloc expanding to most of PHL

Hyperlocal delivery Bloc expanding to most of PHL

Online marketplace allows filtering of products by black-owned and women-owned businesses

One local online delivery service is expanding.

Started by two incredible women from the Indego bike world, Bloc was created to help struggling local businesses that had a hard time competing with big box stores during the pandemic.

Now, Bloc is now available to provide next-day delivery throughout 23 zip codes across Philadelphia. 

“Bloc is a simple solution to getting local goods to local people, sustainably. The global supply chain has led to the wrong solution of big trucks delivering from far-away warehouses on small streets, decimating local retail and damaging our planet and our neighborhoods,” said Alison Cohen, Bloc co-founder and also founder of Indego Bike Share system in Philadelphia. 

Bloc currently supports approximately 25 shops and has provided local products to approximately 3,000 unique local customers. Current Philly shops partners include: Mariposa Food Co-op, Baker Street Bread Company, Good Buy Supply, High Point Cafe, Pump Dog, Philadelphia Runner, Stone Cottage Industries, Remark Glass, South Philly Food Co-op, Weaver’s Way Food Co-op, Germantown Bicycle Supply, Wild Hand, Lace in the Moon, Nesting House, The Bone Appetite, Buddha Babe, Zipf’s Candies, and more.  

Bloc is offering a discount of 20% off first time orders using code BLOCEXPANDS (expires 9/30/21).

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