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How Philly Enviros Reacted to the Election Results

How Philly Enviros Reacted to the Election Results

We had a little celebration in the 215 this weekend… here’s an internet time capsule from local greenies

ICYMI (LOL, you didn’t), there was a monumental win for the climate fight on Saturday.

Here’s a recap of how local environmental groups and leaders reacted to the news.

There were celebrations for Philadelphia’s role & congrats from local environmental groups.

Local entrepreneurs shared their congrats on Instagram:

We shared our recap from the week of party protests in our Instagram recap post:

Other orgs congratulated Joe and Kamala while leaning into climate priorities.

There is also a big reminder that this is just the beginning, and much of the work needs to continue.

There’s also buzz about what environmental action will happen beginning on January 20, 2021.

What were your reactions? Share with us in the comments and/or tag us on social media.

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