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February was hotter & wetter than average

February was hotter & wetter than average

It wasn’t just you (and those springlike days) — climate change was here in February

Climate change is making Philadelphia hotter and wetter. This past February was no exception.

The average temperature was 3.8° above normal, and the 2.87 inches of precipitation was 104% of the normal amount, according to a new analysis from Climate Central.

Philadelphia is heating up more rapidly than other cities. It was the fifth-warmest location in February out of 180 locations monitored by Climate Central.

Overall, this past month is an ongoing pattern as a signal of climate change. February has been warming up 4.6° on average since 1970.

february 2022 climate central

In addition, the February lows are becoming less common. Wintertime lows are an average of 8.1° warmer since the 1970s.

What’s likely going to happen in March? You guessed it, more warming.

Cover photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

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