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Earth week: Winner of SBN’s Food Saver Challenge, Swarthmore’s Solar purchase & more

Earth week: Winner of SBN’s Food Saver Challenge, Swarthmore’s Solar purchase & more

Read the latest sustainability news.

Earth Day was Monday is every day, and was celebrated much this week. (We won’t stop with our debut EcoFair this Saturday. Don’t forget to join us from 12-6 at Cherry St Pier!)

Although many residents have soured on recycling in Philly, there are solutions, like these four explored in our deep dive with the Philadelphia Citizen as a part of the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative. One questionable recent decision by the Parker administration was spending  $360,120 on an anti-littering ad campaign across SEPTA, cable TV, print, and online, as the Philadelphia Inquirer reported earlier this month, much of which came from a state grant. 

Crust Bakery won SBN’s first-ever Food Saver Challenge, winning $5,000. Eight Food Saver challenge participants, including Philly Foodworks, Philadelphia Catering Company, Bar Hygge, Old City Coffee, LUHV, High Fidelity Bakery, Mariposa Food Co-op, and Reading Terminal Market, have been involved in the six-month challenge to reduce food waste. RSVP to attend the Food Saver Challenge closing celebration on May 2nd.

Swarthmore has signed a Power Purchase Agreement with eight other colleges in North Carolina and Pennsylvania for a solar site project in western Kentucky. This move will help eliminate 100% of its current annual greenhouse gas emissions associated with purchased renewable electricity, a step towards the College’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035.

23 Philadelphia schools received up to $2500 to create or enhance recycling and sustainability programs.

Heights Philadelphia and the EPA announced a partnership to support low-income, Black and Brown, and first-generation-to-college students in a mission to create student pathways to education and employment opportunities in environmental professional fields. The partnership includes mentorships, environmental science field and lab training, job fairs, and more.

Pennsylvania will receive $156 million for a “Solar for All” initiative from the Biden Administration, to deliver solar panels to low-income state residents and environmental justice communities. An estimated 14,000 PA households will benefit, cutting 43 million tons of carbon emissions over the next 20 years.

Cover Photo: State and Federal officials will celebrate and congratulate 23 Philadelphia School District, independent, charter, and parochial schools for their green projects at the Fairmount Park Horticultural Center.

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